Joey’s HOA Solar Home

Joey's HOA Solar Home Indianapolis
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I live in a Homeowners Association (HOA) that will not allow me to put my solar panels on the south roof due to street view. After receiving initial approval and installing the solar panels on the north roof in 2016, I received approval to move the panels to the west roof in 2019 as long […]

Joey’s HOA Solar Home

Joey's HOA Solar Home 7422 Preamble Court, Indianapolis
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Hi, thanks for attending my Solar Site! I went solar in 2016 as part of building my home, as I saw solar panels as a no-brainer investment that should guarantee a return on investment. Since the beginning, I have faced and overcame resistance from my Homeowners Association (HOA) Board regarding the "aesthetics" of my solar panels. As part of this effort, I've also been pushing for a state law since 2017 that would prohibit HOAs from unreasonably restricting solar panels. I'd be happy to share my story with you!