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Taylor Schultz


Gunnison Solar Tour

Western Solar Society - Western Colorado University Student Chapter 203 South Sixth St, Gunnison
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The Western Solar Society is an exciting new addition to the Gunnison Valley this year, and we have already started partnering with local organizations to get solar projects implemented in the town. Through work with Equitable Solar Solutions and our students from Western Colorado University we have implemented a few solar projects using repurposed/recycled PV […]


Habitat for Humanity Mountain Solar Home

Habitat for Humanity Mountain Solar Home Gunnison
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This PV installation was the Western Solar Society's most recent install and wrapped up only a couple of weeks ago. The Habitat for Humanity array consists of 5.76 kilowatts of Solaria 360 watt modules, an SMA Sunny Boy 5-kW inverter and unirac rails donated to Equitable Solar Solutions by Bryce and Katie Carter of Lakewood. […]