White Claw Farm

White Claw Farm West Tisbury
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We bought an 1,142 sf one story house with full basement, gutted and superinsulated it, and added 192 sf on piers. The initial blower door test was 3,117 CFM50. Interior finishes were in poor shape; the floor plan was worse. We wanted to fix an existing building on a developed site rather than build new, […]

Up Hill House

Up Hill House Cambridge
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“Up Hill House was designed and built by the homeowners, Larry and Jill Burks, in southern Washington County, New York. It produced more energy than used the first year of occupancy and is on track to do so again this year. Our house is at the heart of an effort to live a more sustainable […]

Wallingford Net Zero Home

Wallingford Net Zero Home Seattle
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Residential developer, Dwell Development LLC, continues to push the envelope of sustainable design and green construction in the Pacific Northwest with the completion of their Net-Positive Energy, 5-Star Built Green certified Seattle home. The cutting- edge combination of green technology, renewables, and reclaimed materials help the 5-bed, 4-bath home meet the rigorous requirements to achieve […]

The Giordano-Smeltz Residence

The Giordano-Smeltz Residence Greenfield
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“If you stop by Spartan and Hannah’s 1500 square foot home on a sunny January afternoon, you will find yourself surrounded by warmth. This isn’t because of a wood stove, or a sophisticated heating system—in fact, you will probably find that the only heat source for the house, a 12kbtu heat pump, will be off. […]

Taylor High-Performance Home

Taylor High-Performance Home Austin
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*Case Study from Mitsubishi Electric. When the Taylor family decided to build a modern, custom home in Austin, Texas, their project team had to deliver when it came to selecting high-performance mechanical systems that didn’t interrupt their design vision. “They wanted something very comfortable, modern and livable,” said Tom Sullivan, an associate of CleanTag LLC, a local […]

The Bunker House of Tofte Minnesota

The Bunker House of Tofte Minnesota Tofte
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Located in Tofte, Minnesota, the Bunker House is a single-family High-Performance home. This 3,120 sq. ft space was completed in August of 2020 and built by Taiga Design Build. The Bunker House was constructed with structural insulated panels (SIPs) to reap the benefits of a quicker build, ease of installation, air tightness, lower utility costs, […]

The Davis House

The Davis House Somerville
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This renovation transformed this building from an energy guzzler to a resilient and healthy spacious 2-family, designed to use less energy than it produces. Careful planning resulted in high efficiency of the building envelop, of the heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The solar panels provide the energy needed to run this two family. This is […]

Midtown Passive House

Midtown Passive House Denver
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The goal of the Midtown Passive House project was to design to the Passive House standard and achieve certification from PHIUS (Passive House Institute US) for the production home builder Brookfield Homes. Brookfield Homes’ objective was to offer this passive house as an energy efficient upgrade option to their existing base plans offered at the […]

Ross Residence

Ross Residence Amherst
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Our home is a 120-year-old farmhouse in downtown Amherst, MA. At the time of purchase, it had no insulation in the walls or attic, was heated by an oil furnace from the early 20th century, and was clad in mint-green asbestos shingles. Although walking distance to downtown, all of the public schools, and in a […]

Hanson House

Hanson House Brandon
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It was hard to think of moving from the great energy-efficient solar house I had built nine years earlier in Burlington, VT, but I wanted to be closer to my daughter. Looking for housing in Brandon, I realized that I didn’t want to give up the bright warmth, open design and energy efficiency of my […]

Roth & White Residence

Roth & White Residence New Paltz
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A resilient Net Zero home built in upstate New York, complete with technical detail. This home is one of nine similar homes constructed between 2013–2014 by Anthony Aebi of Greenhill Contracting, Inc. within The Preserve, the second of his Zero-Net Energy developments in New Paltz, New York. All nine homes were constructed with ICF walls, […]

Revell Retrofit

Revell Retrofit Northhampton
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The owners, Peter and Rachel Stevens, are also the architects. As they started renovations, it became clear that most of the systems and finishes needed replacing, which made this two-family a perfect candidate for a Deep Energy Retrofit. All the exterior finishes had lived out their lifespan (and the aluminum siding recycles well), so exterior […]

Kraus-Fabel Retrofit

Kraus-Fabel Retrofit Amherst
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One barrier to broader adoption of ZNE practice is the perception of ZNE as expensive and exotic. In this project we addressed this issue directly, demonstrating that ZNE renovation can be straightforward and practicable, providing qualitative improvements, significant savings in energy and carbon emissions, and excellent return on investment. We started with our small, simple, […]

KB Homes

KB Homes Los Angeles
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KB Home earned a U.S. DOE Zero Energy Ready Home certification on this highly efficient home they call the “Double Zero House” because it is a net zero energy home producing as much energy as it uses in a year and because the home uses zero fresh water for irrigation with an onsite greywater recycling system. Professionally […]

De Young Home

De Young Home CLovis

De Young Properties designed and built a Zero Net Energy (ZNE) home in Clovis, CA. The ZNE-design goal was set at source-energy ZNE during the design stage. The source-energy ZNE criterion requires the home to produce as much energy as it consumes on a net, annual basis, with all energy, both consumed and generated, determined […]

Cave Residence

Cave Residence Hadley
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Inspired by issues of global warming, our goal for our new home was to create a comfortable, modern living space that produced more energy than it consumed. We also hoped to produce enough energy to power an electric car to provide the majority of our transportation. And we hoped to do this in a home […]

Carlsson Family Home

Carlsson Family Home Portland
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The Carlsson Family Home is a 3,157 square foot home built by Birdsmouth Construction in Portland Oregon. Construction began in July of 2014 and the home was completed in June of 2015. The original home was a 1925 craftsman that had a poor foundation, uninsulated walls, single pane windows, an old gas furnace and a […]

Benker Residence

Benker Residence Glastonbury
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In constructing the Benker residence, the Glastonbury Housesmith built a durable, energy-efficient, and healthy home for the residents. The home focuses on longevity, including features like extra insulation for rot prevention and a stronger structure for hurricane protection. Many homes use fossil fuels as an energy source, like a gas stove or heater. The extraction and […]

Ann Arbor Passive House

Ann Arbor Passive House Ann Arbor
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Eric and Jo Ann, a couple from Ann Arbor, Michigan, share a passion for the environment. Together, they decided to build a primary residence designed to satisfy Passive House standards for energy efficiency. In addition to offering quantifiable energy efficiency, Passive House buildings are extremely resilient and provide comfort even in extreme weather conditions. Eric and Jo Ann worked […]

Solar Energy House

Solar Energy House Maynard
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Our home is a newly constructed single-family residence located in downtown Maynard, Massachusetts. Maynard is a micro urban community west of Boston full of sidewalks, stores, and eateries. We reside in the house with our two children. As potential first-time homebuyers we had initially searched Maynard for an existing starter home that would provide 1) […]

All-Electric Renovation on Rockridge

All-Electric Renovation on Rockridge Norwalk
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PROJECT BACKGROUND This 1924 Colonial home had fallen into severe disrepair before coming up for sale. As part of the much needed renovation, the new homeowners (two Steven Winter Associates, Inc. employees) wanted to eliminate onsite combustion and produce as much of their operating electricity as possible. Other goals included lower embodied energy materials and […]

“The Groton” Model

“The Groton” Model Townsend
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“The Groton” is an 1835 square foot home Transformations, Inc. built and sold in the Coppersmith Way development in Townsend, MA.  It was started in late 2009 and completed in June of 2010.  This home is a second generation Farmhouse model with a garage under to fit the sloped site.  Many of the energy efficiency […]