E1961 Lambs Quarters Lane

E1961 Lambs Quarters Lane E1961 Lambs Quarters Lane, Waupaca

In 1979 I attended a DOE weeklong renewable energy workshop through an NSF grant in northern Wisconsin.
In 1981 I put a wall-mounted solar air heating system on a small house in Waupaca which provided supplementary
heat on three levels. In 1994 I bought 40 acres of farmland that had good solar access and built a sustainable
house there in 1995. Subsequently, in an effort to preserve 35 acres of the farmland and use up the development
rights on the 40 acres, I surveyed off several more parcels on one end of the property all with solar access under
the name Lambs Quarters Renewable Energy Development, LLC. In 2014 another sustainable, future-built home was
constructed with 2.5 Kw solar. Now in 2021, the second last development right is being used, building a home with
7.9 Kw and a Generac Battery Backup along with other future-built features. This house will be occupied by me and
the original 1995 home will be sold in about a year on 2 acres. The remaining 2-acre lot is for sale and the buyer is
required to follow a sustainable covenant. Accomplishing these goals will meet the plans I had for promoting renewable
energy and preserving farmland.