Poem Homes

Poem Homes 770 N Westmor St, Green Spring

Poem Home is a modern style 1200 square foot super-insulated, all-electric, grid-tied net-zero energy home brimming with great ideas to inspire your transition to a more healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Non-toxic and low carbon-footprint materials include cellulose insulation, locally milled rough-sawn wood, and formaldeyde free plywood cabinets. Low-load mechanicals include a ductless air-source heat pump, a ductless heat recovery ventilator, a super-insultated hot water heater, low water use plumbing fixtures, a radon mitigation system, and LED light fixtures. A roof top 7kW photovoltaic solar system meets yearly energy needs by banking excess kilowatt hours with the utility supplier in the summer that can be drawn on throughout the winter. If you appreciate a quiet, comfortable, and serene home with exquisite craftsmanship you won't want to miss this one. Enjoy life, and make a difference!