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98 Solar Panels on Thomas Blvd

Thomas Blvd Group LLC 7211 Thomas Blvd, Pittsburgh
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This solar site is owned by Thomas Blvd Group a small business in an old mansion converted into 6 apartments. We have a 7.82KW solar array with 34 panels on the roof, an 11 KW solar array with 40 panels on a ground mount, and a 8,.88KW solar array with 24 panels on three pole mounts. My name is Fred Kraybill and I am one of the owners of Thomas Blvd Group and also the manager. I am convinced that climate change is the greatest crisis the human. race has ever faced and so we as a society must take bold action to cut carbon pollution. We also have some other features here related to sustainable living. We have a geothermal heating system, two electric cars and there is an urban garden on our land with bees and chickens also. Stop by and visit us and lets discuss how we can rapidly transition to a clean energy future.